Test Riding Clinic with an FEI Judge

FEI-5* Judge Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode Dressage Test Clinic

Early in the month of may, I went with my dressage trainer who rode in a test riding clinic with the wonderful Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode. I was able to audit and he had riders from training level to prix st. George ride their tests. He scored them as if they were actually showing, then he left the judges stand to give them a lesson. What I love to see with this level trainer is he does not degrade your horse, try to sell you a brand of tack (that had happened at a different clinic with a different professional), and he was very willing to work with you, and your horse in the most constructive way. He did not simply stand there as you rode around. He followed you as you went approached you to show you what he wants and for the upper levels even helped in development of movements right next to you. He was fearless as some horses did not respond well to his proximity he had with them while on foot. Is it to say in the horse world our trainers are too distant and focus too much on quality of horse and tack and do not focus on quality of instruction?

An interesting thought from listening to him coach others was when he said that there are many ways to get the test ridden and have it look nice, but lets today work on not only looking nice but on winning and creating a horse who stands out. He is a very constructive trainer with a wicked sense of humor and provides results with his training.

If ever you get the chance to ride in a clinic with him, do it! He was a pleasant man who knows what is wanted in the dressage ring and knows how to coach.


3 thoughts on “Test Riding Clinic with an FEI Judge

  1. That sounds like my kind of clinic! I love getting feedback from judges on my tests, but it would be so awesome to ride a test and then get feedback on how to make what I just did even better.

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