Non-Intentional Absence

Well life here at the farm has been crazy! Wild adventures from MI to VA, horses going to a stable for a short while, jumping adventures with the Heidi Ho, and now winter weather. Time has flown by it seems, but it is for the good. There has been a lot happening. I have to stop myself sometimes to just enjoy all the positives going on now. It is easy to get lost in the fast pace life sets and forget to enjoy what is happening  in the moment.

Some happy moments:

Heidi has progressed quickly with her jumping skills, although her and I still have a lot to work on. She has been mastering gymnastics and beginning to see and experience oxars, while putting together small courses. She is quite a bold little horse. A very brave jumper and it seems once I point the horse at a fence she boldly approaches it with more confidence than needed. A great natural foundation to be a confident jumper.  We have been working weekly with a local trainer until the snow came and now we have been on a break from jumping.

With the winter weather I decided to take the two horses to a local boarding facility for the month that I had my trip to virginia.  I was able to work on Heidi and I’s dressage while Frank was just living the life: eating, sleep, poop, repeat.

The trip to Virginia was amazing, there were many beautiful farms on the way to Chantilly, VA. I drove there because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a road trip. I chose to go to Chantilly for my school residency.  A lot was learned in regards to basic counseling skills, as well as information pertaining to the doctorate program.  Honestly I have my reservations about applying to the doctorate program. Right now I just want to survive my masters program. My schedule has been eat, sleep, work, homework, horses repeat. Which leads to how I have lost track of time.

For this spring and summer, I am planning on taking Heidi to some local jumpingshows to gain experience in the show ring.  While also attending my second residency in Chicago, Il. There testing and measurements will be discussed.

Happy winter riding everyone!






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