Meet The Horses

frank2Frank: 19 yr old, 15.3 Quarter Horse. He was purchased at 6 years old by my parents from a reining/barrel facility, because I thought he was fun and pretty. I was 11 years old at the time. My parents bought him and I had every intention on becoming a barrel racer, but did not follow through with that. Him and I learned slowly together the ropes of hunter jumpers and once we were comfortable at competitions and training jumping 3’9”, we were introduced to eventing. We evented together for a good 6 years, and now He is retired and works solely at home on dressage work, with occasional jumping sessions.

harleyHarley: Was a 6 year old TB, ex-race horse who I trained and worked with for a good 5 years. He had amazing scope, and took to eventing easily. He has been sold by the owners.

HEIDI may 2015Heidi: A 6 year old Cleveland Bay Sport Horse who I bought at 10 months of age. I have been the one to bring her through her training. I broke her out and have, with the help of my dressage trainer brought her to where she is now. She began her jump training last summer, but will now be full force ahead this spring with my jump trainer. I have done the work myself. I had a lot of criticism against that as people seemed to think she should have been sent out to be trained, but she did not have any behaviors that I was not qualified to handle, so far she has been amazing. I have a feeling a bright future is ahead of her and I and cannot wait to see what the future brings

Heidi Rear


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