Well, it has been interesting…

So, this week has been very interesting to say the least. We have had a few bad storms around Michigan that destroyed a dairy farm as well as scaring the crap out of me. We didn’t have any damage at my home, but I am seriously considering developing floaties for horses.

Our house was an island with two mini islands being the horses stalls.


I mean, we were slammed with the rain. My jumping poles, mounting block, and standards started to float away. I had to slosh through the water that was up to my knees to get them.


The only safe place was for the outer paddock where it is high ground for the horses to get out of the rain.



    I suppose we are lucky though, as there was a small tornado a few miles down the road that touched down. I will take flooding any day. There was an incident about 4 years ago when we built the barns, we left for Rolex weekend and when we returned a tornado had picked one of our barns up and moved it a couple feet and turned it. It was an eerie feeling.


One positive is after the storm it was beautiful outside.  Funny enough my neighbor took two pool inflatable sharks and tied them where his driveway was so he didn’t drive into the ditch. In situations like this humor is the best route. The horses had fun, well Heidi had fun, frank was a tad irritated with all the water. Heidi however thought it would be funny to canter around in it and roll. I was not amused by that.


Before the storm we had a visitor checking out our fish supply. He must have approved because he stayed there for over an hour.

Luckily the weather held off after the show this past weekend, I was happy Heidi’s first competition was not in flooding weather. I want her to enjoy showing, and create a positive experience. Well needless to say it has been a week and I am still waiting for the arena to dry enough to ride. Hopefully soon.

Happy riding, until next time.


3 thoughts on “Well, it has been interesting…

  1. Yikes! My part of the world was mostly spared other than some large limbs coming down. I am OVER the rain though. I now have swarms of mosquitos everywhere. Can’t even walk out my front door without being assaulted.

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